How to Keep your Toddler Out of the Refrigerator!


I have done my share of research on parenting at this point but I have yet to find the answer to why toddlers are so damn fascinated with the refrigerator. Someone please help me understand why my two years old insists on sneaking in the refrigerator every single night!!  It has literally become some type of fascination for her even if she doesn’t want or need anything. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you kid? I mean, I’m glad you are learning how to do things on your own but damn…find something more productive to do.

To make matters worse, we have come to an awesome place in our potty training journey but she is going behind my back making s*** difficult. We have graduated from using pull-ups and she is wearing underwear all day. Because I’m sick of buying pull-ups I have not replaced the last pack that is now empty. As a result, she is wearing her underwear to bed as well. I make sure she uses the bathroom before bed and she has proven that she can go all night without an accident. However, when the rest of the house falls asleep and she is up rummaging through the refrigerator, stealing juice and whatnot, she forgets that maybe a bathroom break is necessary. Since I don’t know she is up being mischievous, I’m not being proactive and escorting her on a trip to the potty in the middle of the night.

After several incidents, I have had enough of this foolishness. Besides, I’m smarter than a toddler so I make a trip to Walmart to buy Safety 1st multi-purpose latches for the refrigerator. I get home and daddy puts that baby in place. Everything seems cool for a minute, my toddler is now pissed that we have outsmarted her! I’m thinking at this point we are winning as parents! However, my 6 year old comes in the kitchen with her King Kong strength and pulls the damn thing right off the refrigerator! Okay, I will not panic!  I’ll just put it back on since the little one still can’t get in and teach the older one how to use it properly. I mean the lock part is pretty secure. I walked in the kitchen half asleep that night and almost flipped my s*** because I couldn’t open the refrigerator and then I realized we had baby proofed it. Since I was half asleep it doesn’t count against me!! Honestly, I like this item but the adhesive part is not very long lasting and we ended up just taking it off because it wasn’t sticking properly. If I didn’t live in an apartment I would have glued the s*** on myself but that is not the case. So I would recommend this particular one because it was cheap and it comes with two and if you are able to give it a more permanent attachment it’s perfect!

Fast forward a couple days later and my toddler is back at it! I guess she figured she had laid low long enough and now it’s time to strike again and boy did she!! Once again we are all asleep and maybe I’m just assuming my sweet little princesses are both getting their beauty sleep as well. That is until I wake up and find my princess asleep in a chair in the living room (definitely not where I left her!) with her two baby dolls and a blanket. Oh and my wine glass of juice that I had on MY nightstand in MY room for ME to drink when I got thirsty. It didn’t look like she drank much because there was still some in there like I left it so I let it go for the moment and left her a** peacefully sleeping.  Let me clear something up…my kids know NOT to use my wine glasses for anything under no circumstances. Because I know they know the rules, I occasionally put something nonalcoholic in it just so they won’t ask for any!  So not only did she disobey the rule, she drank my s***, got a refill and pissed in my chair!! To top it off, she must have changed her underwear and then climbed in my bed. I think she wanted to tell me but had a change of heart. She started off trying to tell me something, which was not in my fluent language, and wanted me to come with her. Being the concerned sleepy mom I am, I did not move but asked if she was okay and if she needed to use the bathroom instead. She assures me that she is okay and she doesn’t have to use the bathroom. I guess she already handled that part and decided against telling me what really went down!! This is the s*** I have to deal with! But I love my kids though and couldn’t imagine life without them!

**I bought mine from Walmart for $4.48 but I would have been better off ordering from amazon without the hustle and bustle of crazy people and they also offer a 6-count as well.

Here’s another one that has a lot of good reviews and I am considering trying this one next!!

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