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You ever just sit back and look at your life and wonder the f*** have you been doing all this time. I mean I recently turned 3o and I don’t feel like I have accomplished much besides obtaining my bachelor’s degree (I know that is a commendable accomplishment and I am super proud of myself!) and having children. It’s almost like the moment I began my family, I lost myself in a way. I’m sure many parents can relate. We work to provide a decent life not only for ourselves but for our children as well.  As parents, we are constantly tending to our kids needs and the millions of things that just seem to pop up like school projects, random growth spurts leading to more shopping trips, hair products, medicine, school lunch, etc. Not to mention the monthly bills we have, unexpected auto repairs, co-pays and the list goes on. It’s hard as hell trying to be a parent today. Shit to be a damn bill paying human being is hard.  I’m constantly doubting myself thinking about all of life’s what ifs. What if I would have made different choices, maybe my life would be different. What if I would have waited to have children, maybe I wouldn’t struggle so much today. It can be overwhelming to think of the plan you had for your life and then the reality of what is your life. God forbid you take into consideration anyone else’s opinion of your life and that’s just some more fancy dancy bulls*** to add to your already overthinking analytical brain. I mean I hate this s*** sometimes but then I realize everything happens for a reason. I may not be where I want to be right now but that doesn’t mean that I won’t. My kids don’t always have everything they want but they damn sure have what they need. I am blessed even on days where I struggle to see it. Who doesn’t want to be financially secure with a great career that provides excellent work/life balance? Don’t all raise your hands at once! Besides I can’t even see you!! We all strive for the same things but at this point if we are already a parent, we just want our kids to be happy, healthy and stable. I will continue to be the best mom I can possibly be and vent and cry or blow my shit as needed BUT I will stay encouraged because I know I am meant for greatness! I am a damn mom!! That s*** holds weight…I’m like the super hero of all super heroes!! Be encouraged!!

Parenting-The s*** they don’t tell you!

When We Have Kids

Remember when you thought you had it all figured out? Munchkin

Posted by Story of This Life on Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Online parenting advice will tell you how being a parent is by far the BEST decision you could have made! It is extremely amazing and each day you are more blessed than the last! THIS is what people want you to think about parenting but then you become a parent and realize that was all a crock of s***! I love my kids undoubtedly but it’s the one decision that made me second guess my ability to make decisions in the first damn place! This s*** is hard work! It’s probably the hardest job that I have ever had and there are no vacation or sick days, no end of the year bonus check, (hell, no check!!) it just is what it is. Good thing there is free parenting advice as well discussions around the challenges parents face today all over the internet.

Since I have given birth, I have probably stressed every day going forward. I stress about teaching them all the “right” things, making sure they are healthy and eating right (what a joke), stress about making sure they have everything they need. Oh and of course some wants because they have an ongoing list of wants daily. I mean at this point, I stress about stressing!  We all know stressing isn’t healthy and even when we think our kids don’t know or understand they can’t help but feel what you feel. If your child is anything like my 6 year old, he/she probably tells you to relax when they notice shit’s about to hit the fan. With that being said I’ve used some online parenting advice to find some stress management tips for parents.  I want to share one of my favorite ways I relieve stress and keep my cool. Surprisingly, adult coloring books are highly recommended in relieving stress and I was even able to incorporate my children to make it a bonding experience. Although they add to the stress in my life, they definitely are my go to when I need a pick me up!

Since my children and I are a little artsy, one of my stress relievers is a good old coloring book and some crayons. I was super excited when they came out with adult coloring books because it allows me to tap into one of my childhood favorite activities while enhancing my levels of focus and concentration. My children think we are just coloring but I am really transferring my negative thoughts and energy or anxiety into a more positive experience. In my mind I am retreating back to a safe place where the world doesn’t seem to weigh me down and for a short moment (until my children begin to fuss over something so simple that I want to rip my hair out) I can enjoy creating some beautiful artwork.  Amazon has some great choices but I found one that was perfect for me. I immediately wanted to calm down based on the title alone!!! I mean if a book’s title tells you to calm the f*** down, you better take that advice! Click the link to check it out!