Bad Moms Club

Why is it that I feel like such a horrible mom sometimes because I want my kids to entertain themselves and act like I’m freaking invisible? I just want to be left alone for a short period of time, no conversations, no requests, just silence. It’s not fair to me that I am made to feel guilty for wanting these simple luxuries. I mean I really feel bad like I’m letting my kids down even though I know they will survive. It’s crazy! My kids will see me doing something and walk straight past their father to mess with me. Like, did you not see him? Is he not capable of carrying out the very tasks you are asking me for? For the life of me I will never understand why kids do this. I promise my kids just make up s*** to ask me just because it’s been five minutes and we have to have some sort of interaction. For example, my oldest daughter knows she can’t have anything to drink after a certain time so she’ll be like, “tomorrow when I wake up can I have some juice?” If you don’t get out my face and ask me this s*** tomorrow!!! It’s to the point now where she’ll think before she asks and say I can ask you this tomorrow. Thank you, that sounds like a great idea!

It can be so frustrating being a parent sometimes. I have to constantly remind my kids that I am a damn human too! I swear they clearly think I am a superhero or some shit, maybe a mommy robot, who knows! I mean I get tired too, my feelings get hurt, and I get angry sometimes. I know mothers wear many hats but sometimes I don’t want to wear a hat or have hair if that will help! This is legit how I feel and I don’t want to feel bad about it but I do. However, I know if I don’t give myself that time to be a “bad mom” I am going to be completely burnt out and I won’t be any good to anybody. I’m thinking about joining the bad moms club for a little while! You know, give me a chance to miss getting asked a bajillion questions daily, five million requests and eight thousand sibling arguments!!!!  ***Moms be like!!! Lol.

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