Baby Alive Drama

So now that the holidays are behind us and I have had time to get over this s***, I want to talk about this damn baby alive doll that my daughter just had to have as if it was life or death! First of all, I didn’t even know there were so many different types of baby alive dolls in the first place. I’m over here making life decisions just to pick out a damn doll!  Anyway, I have literally heard about this freaking baby doll for months!! I don’t see what the hype is all about but I knew it had to be a Christmas gift since getting it was a reoccurring request. I lucked up and didn’t have to pay for it so you know I was happy! Or maybe you don’t but let me just say I am definitely a cheap person! So of course my daughter doesn’t want just a simple cute baby doll, this doll had to poop, pee, eat, and talk to her. Okay, I found Snacking Sara who supposedly does all of the above. I tried to order her on Amazon for $46.00 (**no longer that price but because it was last minute, shipping was like a million dollars (okay but at least $70) in order to get it before Christmas. Instead, I purchased it online from Walmart for a couple dollars more and did store pick up! What a freaking joke that s*** was! I waited in line to pick up my item for at least 45 minutes. 45 minutes that I will never get back! Anyway, let’s get to the good stuff!!! She was absolutely excited to open up her Baby Alive Christmas morning and couldn’t wait to start playing with her. However, that was short lived because she quickly got bored. For whatever disgusting reason, she was fascinated with the idea of changing her poopie diaper and when she didn’t poop she was no longer interested. Now, I’m pretty sure the fact that her little sister thought she should eat playdoh along with her baby food, caused her not to poop. Or at least that’s the reason I gave them. If it’s any consolation, the baby food does resemble playdoh. Needless to say, my daughter has yet to see Snacking Sara’s full potential. I cleaned out all of the playdoh and hopefully she will love her again!! Unknowingly to me, little sister got a Baby Alive doll as well for Christmas from her godparents. I think she was perfect for her AND she looked like the little sister of Snacking Sara!! What a coincidence! She got Twinkles and Tinkles ( who doesn’t necessarily use the bathroom but will let you know that she needs to be changed and her diaper twinkles for you to clean her. She also drinks and makes real sucking sounds as she does this. Both of the Baby Alive dolls talk in both English and Spanish, which I think is pretty cool! Overall, I like the fact that these dolls help children see how to begin taking care of a child and I think it’s a good toy option for kids who are maybe about to become an older sibling. I say that because I kind of wish my oldest daughter had this before her sister was born just to get a glimpse of how needy babies are. I know it’s not the same capacity but I feel it will give them a better understanding because the dolls give off a variety of cues repeatedly as they play just as babies do.  If you are looking for a great gift idea for a little princess in your life check out the variety of Baby Alive dolls and accessories and I’m sure they are going to love it! We may not understand it, but that’s not important!! Lol.

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