Are you “THAT” Mom?!

Are you that mom? You know the obsessed; everything revolves around my kids’ type of mom? It’s nothing wrong with loving your kids but is it possible to love them too much? I would say no, but the more I analyze the type of mom that I am, I am THAT MOM!! I laugh at how attached my kids are to me and sometimes I feel the need to ask them why do they like me so much that they just have to be around me constantly?! Sometimes they literally make me want to drink a bottle of wine and pull my hair out one strand at a time but I’m completely obsessed with these two little girls in the same way that they are clearly obsessed with me. It doesn’t matter what I am doing, where I am at, who’s around, I am always thinking about them and if they need me, I am there. At this point, I know I am getting on other people’s nerves but guess who doesn’t give a s***? If you thought the answer was me, you are 100% correct! They are my children and I will be crazy as hell over them if that means they will be safe, happy and above all LOVED! My girls are up my a** because I love them unconditionally and I make sure they know this every day. When I say I will stop whatever I am doing please believe me.  The other day I had plans to stop at the store to get a couple of food items and get some much needed gas. However, one phone call quickly changed all of that. No, nothing bad or tragic happened. My youngest daughter must have felt like I was taking too long to get home so her dad called me so I could tell her that I would be home soon. I know my children are beyond dramatic but you could hear it in her voice that she was sad and she was crying because she wanted her momma. She wanted ME!! I know I needed gas (the damn light just came on) and I did need to stop at the store but what did I do? I took my a** right home and put that beautiful smile back on my baby’s face. She ran to the door and jumped in my arms and everything was right and perfect in that moment! So yes, I am that mom. I am amazed every day that I birthed such amazing human beings who essentially have inherited my ways…flaws and all. They are the only people who can make me feel complete even when everything else around me is falling apart. I am perfect in their eyes and so I am obsessed with the beauty that is within them.  I am obsessed because I was blessed with some of God’s greatest creations! I never knew I could love anyone as much as I love my children. With that being said I will never apologize for my crazy because there are children in this world not receiving half of the love I give my girls. Not necessarily because they don’t love their children because some just don’t know how. I mean I have always felt loved by my parents but I didn’t receive that love from my biological mother. My mother (some may call her my stepmother but to me she is simply “mom”) is a selfless woman who CHOSE to love me as her own and although she isn’t overly affectionate like I am; she showed me exactly what true love is and that is why I am able to show my girls what that looks and feels like!  **Check out this mommy blogger as well and hear from moms all around the world!!


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