8 Things Young Kids do that Parents Will Never Understand!

  1. Repeat the same as question or statement bajillion damn times like the answer is going to change. I absolutely HATE it, sometimes I tell them no just because they asked me too many times.
  2. Already think they know everything! You’ve been here all of six damn years and I taught you majority of what you know so how the hell do you know more than me?
  3. Argue with their siblings over every damn thing. I ask one child to get me something and now there are two kids fighting over who is going to give it to me. Why don’t you fight to follow directions any other time? Like…argue over who can clean the room the fastest!!
  4. Want to be attached to your hip 24/7. I pushed your ass out and cut the umbilical cord. That was your pass to freedom! Apparently, the cord is still attached because I can’t even take a piss alone without them banging on the door or camping out waiting for me to show my face again. I mean if I run to the store alone they act like they haven’t seen me in years. I had two kids so they could be friends and play with each other. Why do you want to play with me all the time???
  5. Think that every day is supposed to be full of fun and adventures. Can’t we just relax sometimes? Personally, I think that is a great day. Why don’t you join me?! My kid is like “so, what are we going to do fun today?” I thought we were having fun eating snacks and watching TV. Was I wrong?
  6. Tattletale so damn much. All day I hear, “Mommy _____ did this, mommy _____ did that!” Seriously, your back and she did what? So what should I do? After a while I don’t give a shit who did what. I need you to know this is extremely annoying so please stop before everyone is sitting in the corner for the rest of the day!
  7. Think that they can trick me into doing whatever activity they want to do at any particular time. Apparently, this is “Let’s Make a Deal” because my oldest is always trying to make deals with me except they all benefit her. What do I get out of this? How about I don’t want to do either. Is that an option?
  8. Think that I love you, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it followed by hugs and kisses are an automatic get out of trouble card. It’s cute and tempting; don’t get me wrong but you my friend is still in trouble!! Now come get this spanking!! Lol.

3 Replies to “8 Things Young Kids do that Parents Will Never Understand!”

  1. I agree about always doing something fun, it’s not my job to entertain you constantly. That’s what is wrong with a lot of kids today their parents have every moment of everyday planned. Use your imagination, go play, watch a movie. I am not your personal circus clown, learn how to relax and enjoy quiet time with yourself, learning what you like. Not just what I am telling you to like.

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