5 Things that Just Aren’t Fair!!

5 things that just aren’t fair!!

So my two year old has learned a new phrase which is, “It’s not fair!” I mean I love that she is being vocal about how she feels but now I am compelled to share some s*** that just isn’t fair since were on the subject!!

  1. It’s not fair that I will clearly explain to my child that it is too late to have something to drink before bed and then she returns only to ask me again and cry as if this is all new to her!
  2. It’s not fair that my child can do something “wrong” and then cry hysterically like I assaulted her when all I did was calmly talk to her. What the hell are you crying for? Did I miss something? I don’t get it. Help me understand why you are freaking out. Seriously, someone is going to think I am abusing you. What the hell?!!
  3. It’s not fair that my child has learned a new phrase and now nothing in life is fair. Way to assert your independence but let’s bring it down a little. She will literally sit and yell “it’s not fair” repeatedly like something is going to magically change. It’s not fair that my ears have to go through this s***!
  4. It’s not fair that I can’t sleep without one or both children crawling in my bed in the middle of the night and I have to wake up sore because there were feet in my neck and I’ve been kicked and punched all night. Yes, it’s that bad. It’s to the point where I’m just like if you need to stretch out across my head in order to stay sleep, go right ahead!
  5. It’s not fair that relaxing feels like a hobby that I just don’t have time for. Even when I try, I am constantly interrupted by requests because my kids are legit the thirstiest kids on earth! Always thirsty, always hungry, always bored, always needing mommy!!


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