About Me!

Still one of my favorites pictures of us!! 😍😍😍 My oldest is 3 here and baby girl is still brewing!!!

When I’m looking for some type of support or advice when I am having one of those days where I contemplate if I’m really equipped for this parenting role, I want somebody to be real with me. Parenting is some real s*** and I want to hear and share my struggles/successes with all of the parents of the world in the most brutally honest form possible. I want new or expecting parents to know and understand being a parent is a complete blessing and there are many awesome attributes but there are also parts of parenting that will make you wish you bought a damn puppy instead!! Lol. Sometimes you just need to laugh at the s*** show that is the life of a parent and have people laugh with you because they are going through the same damn thing! Enjoy and prepare to be entertained!!

Tia 🙂